Duct Tape Race Track
Duct Tape Race Track

Cars are a favorite in our house ~ the Cars movies, the characters, Hot Wheels, anything cars! We actually have a lot of race tracks (note two large tracks behind Jax in the picture below), but for some reason when you make something together and create it as a team, kids get so excited and the track comes to life!

This project was so simple using things we just had lying around the house… We took a blue poster size piece of paper (dollar store has these for $.50) and found some duct tape for the track. I asked Jax to guide me where he wanted the track to go and he guided the duct tape around the paper. Walla! A little race track was born that he created! We found some legos and added some bridges and stop signs. Later we added some train tracks for some elevated curves (see picture below). It was like a new toy and we just used items we had lying around the house!


Here is another Masking Tape Track we made….


This one we used normal masking tape which is about $.89 at Walmart. I let the kids design the track over furniture, around toys, incorporated train tracks and other race track toys and they had a blast racing around the room!




Be creative and have fun with your kiddos! It will save you time and money and will create fun memories:)


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