This is such a fun activity for little ones and helps them learn their numbers, order and matching skills all at the same time! It was also really easy to throw together.

  • With a Sharpie marker, label the bottom of an empty egg crate with numbers 1-12. DSC_0009 2
  • Label the Easter eggs with numbers 1-12. DSC_0014 2
  • Have fun! Let the kids match them up in fun ways.
    • You can ask them to do it in number order and say the name of the number out loud.
    • You can hide the eggs and they have to find them and then run to match them in the crate.
    • You can ask them to pick a certain color egg (working on colors too!) and match it to the correlating number in the crate.

Even as older kiddos now, I will pull these out sometimes and they still think it is fun to RACE and see who can do it faster:)  DSC_0016 2


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