Fotor0928172840We had a fun Frozen bounce house birthday party for Ash right as the Frozen famine hit and there was NOTHING Frozen available anywhere! Some of you might remember these six months… Frozen Elsa dresses that would normally cost $19 were being auctioned off for $100+ in online bids. You walked the Target toy aisle and the Frozen section was completely wiped out. The second the Disney Store got anything Frozen in, it was gone in 1.5 seconds. It was crazy!!! So, when there are NO Frozen items anywhere and you want to have a Frozen party, you collect what you can, make what you can, use your imagination, relax and have fun! We had a blast! Here are some of the things we ended up doing for our homemade Frozen party!

Costume – Homemade Little Elsa

Keep in mind, there were NO Elsa dresses anywhere, so we found this adorable summer dress at JcPenny’s that was the same color as Elsa’s dress and had sparkly jewels at the top. Her grandma, Pat, made us a beautiful sparkly blue cape to go over it and she found an Elsa accessory kit at the Disney store when the doors opened and grabbed it before anyone else had a second to think about it! Here is our homemade little Elsa ~ dress, braid, gloves, cape and all!


Food & Drink Table

This food table was a mix and match from Party City, Walmart, Amazon & Target! Had to use what I could find and make it Frozen! Walmart was the ONLY cake option at the time. I was going to make a Frozen cake, but with life as crazy as it was during this time, we went simple. It worked and the kids still loved it:) We had ‘Sven Sandwiches’, Pirates Booty for ‘Snowballs’, carrots for ‘Olaf Noses’, white chocolate dipped strawberries as ‘Frozen Hearts’ and grapes just because they are a favorite. The Blizzard drink was a combo of Blue Hawaiian Punch & Sprite and it was so delicious! Yumm!




Games & Activities

Sven the Blue Unicorn….So this is funny, but all Ash wanted was a Frozen party at home with a bounce house. When she saw this blue unicorn bounce house online she got all excited and said ‘Mom, I really like the blue unicorn! We can just call him Sven!’ So, Sven the Blue Unicorn it was:)


Marshmallow Snowball Toss… We used giant marshmallows that you can find at your local grocery store and three hula-hoops from the Dollar Store as the target. (Thanks Kim and Shawn for holding the hoops:)



Olaf Snowmen…In a Zip-Loc, we put three big marshmallows (Olaf’s body), a handful of little marshmallows (legs), mini chocolate chips (eyes & mouth or eating:), an orange mike & ike (nose) and stick pretzels (arms). The kids would lick the marshmallows to get them sticky and then press the pieces together. Every kid LOVED making this little Olaf and while they could take their creation home in the Zip-Loc, I think most of them ate him on the spot:)


Frozen Coloring Pages… In the entry room we set up a coloring table on the coffee table with Frozen coloring pages we found online.


Presents…Who doesn’t like to open presents! It was adorable as all the little girls crowded around to ‘help’ Ash open her gifts:)


Frozen Decor

Here are a few little extra decor things we made…

Welcome Wreath…using one of my Mom’s Christmas wreaths with a sparkly blue welcome sign I found at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $4.






It was a fun and memorable homemade Frozen party! (Secretly, I wish we could have a Frozen party every year! I love that movie and working with it as a theme is a blast!)




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