Finished product 1

When we first moved into our house, we knew we wanted to make our master bedroom cozy and warm.  Originally the room was an olive green color, and since the room doesn’t have particularly good light anyway, the green color made it feel dark and drab. Below are the “before” pics we snapped from the day we put the offer on the house.

Master before 2 Master before 1

SPACING:  While we would love to have a king bed, the room just felt too cramped with something that large.  We decided to keep the queen bed we already had since it allowed us to have more room for Jordan’s dog bed and walking room around our bed.

COLOR:  The green had to go.  I decided to do a neutral color on three of the walls and an accent color behind the bed.  Originally I picked a pumpkin color orange for the accent but it  turned out WAY too orange…so then I went back and bought other samples…

first color didnt work

use paint samples

Once I had my samples lined up (everything from oranges, to browns, to apparently REALLY brown), I painted them in three places around our room.  I let it sit for a day and looked at the colors in the morning light as well as the night light.  It’s crazy how much the colors can change depending on the time of day.   I numbered the samples on the wall so I would remember the color names!

Picking a color

I settled on that brown color directly behind the bed. It felt warm and tied into our bedding well.  So then the real painting began…luckily for us, my best friend Michelle and my mom came to join in on the fun.  It went SO much faster with 4 of us than just Shawn and I!

helpers pic

We did the three neutral walls first since they would most likely require at least 2 coats of paint and since there were 3 walls of the same color so wouldn’t need to wash out the rollers, paint brushes, etc…

in process painting


green almost gone

Then we attacked the large brown accent wall…did I mention that Shawn has become an expert trim-guy?!  While I do the bottom wall trim (i.e. short girl problems), he does the top trim and it works out great.

almost there

We use frog tape to get the accent wall line exact. We find it is more adhesive than just normal blue tape.

accent wall complete

It took 2 coats of paint to cover that green color.  We used high-density paint rollers which helped us to cover the paint easier. The thick roller fills paint into the texture of the wall so you don’t have to work as hard.

Once the paint dried, we put all of the furniture back in place, hung the curtains, and hung the wall art.

Finished product 1 I bought the bedding, curtains, curtain rod, and picture frames at Pottery Barn. The “Jarrett” sign was given to us as a wedding gift (most likely from Etsy).  Shawn’s cousins, Stacy and Brooke, gave us the “Mr & Mrs” pillow.  Brooke and Stacy started a personalized decor company called Beyond the Brick and they can customize almost anything!

after pic better

Brooke and Stacy also gave us the personalized wedding picture frame that we have on our dresser…

top of tall dresser


top of dresser

I framed two of our favorite wedding photos to hang above the bed…

pics above bed
This is just another project that proves a little bit of paint can go a long way! Our room now feels cozy and light, and we couldn’t be happier. 

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