In September of 2012, Shawn and I got engaged during a very romantic weekend getaway in Vail, Colorado.  On Sunday we headed back to Denver with the intention of going to a “broncos game” or so I thought!  Little did I know that Shawn organized a surprise engagement party for us!  Shawn’s parents and sister flew in from Texas, my family had come up from Colorado Springs, and a lot of our closest family and friends were there.


My best friend Michelle helped clean, decorate, and plan the party so all of these decorating ideas are credited to her creativity (and Pinterest of course)!  And my mother-in-law Ann and sister-in-law Lori also deserve credit for helping throw the party.


Michelle, Ann, and Lori took the time to pin copper tacks into two painted pumpkins with our initials “S” and “K” for the food buffet decoration.  While this was such a great idea, I’ve gotten feedback from the planning committee that it took WAY too long to do this little project! :) If you have time to pin tacks, by all means please do! But if not, maybe paint the initials instead?!


The advice box was probably my favorite take away from the party.  To this day, I have the small chest sitting in one of my window nooks.  Sometimes when Shawn is on business travel, I’ll read a few of the notes as I pass by.  It is so much fun having our advice cards and seeing how supportive our friends and family have been for us.


Michelle also created a few picture tree vases for FREE using things we had around the house.  She filled the glass vase with wine corks and fake fall leaves and then stuck branches from our yard in the vase to hang the pictures of Shawn and I on.  So creative Michelle :) Also thanks to my sister Jenny for helping Michelle with the pictures!


I received a Cowboys Romo jersey as an engagement gift from Shawn’s family.  They are huge fans so I had to join the club (although I’m a Broncos fan at heart too).

The Mimosa and Bloody Mary bar was also a huge hit! Michelle made sure to do a normal Bloody Mary option and a spicy Bloody Mary because we both like it really spicy!


While we grilled out, we also played a quick game of “get to know the bride and groom”…We each held one of our own shoes and one of the other’s shoes while Michelle asked us questions like “who wears the pants in the relationship” or “Who is most likely to balance the checkbook.”  Facing back-to-back, we each lifted the shoe of the person we thought answered the question.  It was hilarious to say the least, and only sometimes did we get the answer the same!

photo-31All in all, it was a great party and such a fun way to celebrate our engagement with everyone.  Thanks so much to all of our family and friends for making this day so special :)


Thanks JM Photoart for all of the pictures!

romo pic

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