Jax LOVES Choo-Choo trains, so it only made sense to have a fun Train Party for his 1st birthday! He didn’t care if the train was Thomas or Chuggington at this point, so trains in general were all the rage!

Setting the stage! A black duct tape Train Track greeted the guests up to the front of the house. This track went up to our front door and then continued out into the back yard. The kids loved following the train tracks!


To let people know the party was HERE… I made a cardboard Rail Road Crossing Sign. I used duct tape, cardboard, stencils, paint and some imagination to make this come to life. It actually still hangs in our toy-room by the train table:)


Inside we had the party food and goody bags all set out for people to grab some food on their way to the back yard where the party was taking place.

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Once you grabbed food, there were train activities outside for the kids (and adults) to have some fun with. I made this Cardboard Train for the kids to play in.

IMG_0319 It was also great for a family photo opp – haha:)


Outside we set up little tables for the toddlers to color, blow bubbles, play in the sand and such. Here are some of the adorable party guests!


So, for the whole first half of the party, the birthday boy decided he desperately needed to nap. When he finally woke up, it was time for cupcakes! (I wish when I woke up from a nap someone would just hand me a cupcake! That’s the life!) He was still waking up in these pictures and you can tell by his face he is trying to figure out what exactly is going on.



After the cupcake, Jax was ready to play! He opened presents, played and had a great time!


Everyone took home a little candy train party favor we made using Life Savers, Hersey Kisses, Rolos, Spearmint Gum and Peppermint Candies!


It was a success and the birthday boy had a great time! Wow, they grow up so fast! xoxo

PS…All of the pictures that look awesome were taken by my photog sister Jenny at JM PhotoArt. She rocks! If it’s blurry or pixilated, it was mine:)

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