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Last night I had such a great time celebrating my sweet friend (and soon-to-be mom) Caroline and her “little pumpkin” coming into the world (ETA Dec 30th!)!  Caroline’s sister, Emily, threw a fantastic fall-themed baby shower complete with spiced autumn sangria, savory homemade tomato basil soup, and very thoughtful pumpkin-infused decorations.

Side note: Emily ALWAYS throws the best parties! In addition to being a mom herself, she might as well be a party planner with the amount of creative effort she puts into throwing a great party!  I’m so glad she is letting me share her ideas with you all! :)


In the entrance of her home, Emily painted a chalkboard rectangle above her buffet that serves as a way to create seasonal welcome messages or party decorations (i.e. she’s mom, party planner, AND artist!).  For Caroline’s shower, she used the buffet as the “Beverage Bar” and added a cute pumpkin to the sign to add the “fall” theme.  Beverage options for the baby shower included a delicious spiced sangria, chardonnay & pinot noir, and a non-alcoholic spiced cider.  I love the fresh flowers she used to decorate and the colorful stacked pumpkins on the right.


The dining room table had adorable fall decorations and some fresh baby’s breath to add a soft touch.  Emily is such a great decorator!


As for the food options, Emily always ensures her guests don’t go hungry!  She is an expert when it comes to homemade anything but desserts are her specialty.


Emily’s Menu Ideas for the Baby Shower:

  • Cheese platter which included tuscan cheddar cheese, smoked gouda, and chive & cheddar cheese ball; garnished with green and purple grapes and a handful of cracker options
  • Vegetable tray to include a carved pumpkin filled with a delicious vegetable dip
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Tomato basil soup as the entrée
  • Pumpkin Spice Trifle (gluten free)
  • Cafe Au Lait Cake


Emily used a medium chalkboard to decorate the gift and guest book table.  Having a guest book was such a cute idea and something I haven’t seen at any other baby shower.  The guest book was a children’s book that we all signed for Caroline to give to baby Hakeem one day so she can see how many people already love and support her.


In addition to planning beverage, food, and decoration options, here are two other items to think about when throwing a baby shower:

  1. Know your guests.  If you have a significant amount of people in the “babies are YEARS away” category (and if they drink alcoholic beverages),  make sure to provide some sort of alcoholic punch or wine options.  Trust me – they will thank you :)
  2. Pick entertaining games for your friends, but limit the number of games played.  People typically enjoy playing a game or two, but can be overwhelmed if you try to make them play too many.

The game we played at Caroline’s baby shower was perfect for our group.  Emily had created a “price is right” kind of game where we had to guess the average price of baby items (like diapers,  baby food, a 3 pack bottles, etc.).  There were a significant number of us that do not have children yet so this game was hilarious because we were all VERY far off of the actual prices!  Emily also made sure to have prizes (cute coffee mugs) for the winners :)

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Lucky to call all of these ladies my friends!  Thanks again Emily for letting me share your great baby shower ideas.  And thanks, of course, to Caroline for giving us a reason to celebrate!!  We are all SO excited for Caroline and Adam’s baby girl to come this December!


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