If you are like me, it is fun to decorate for the seasons but how can you do it without spending a lot of money and also without having to store seasonal pillows for every holiday? I loved the trendy look of the fabric/burlap pillows online and wondered if there was a way I could make them interchangeable easily and use the same pillows for every holiday. So, I came up with a super simple, super thrifty idea using my old pillows, a burlap roll of fabric, black paint and safety pins. To start I made ‘Happy’ ‘Fall’ pillows and little burlap bows for the other two. When Christmas comes simply change out the burlap front… ‘Merry’ ‘Christmas’ or add some snowflakes, etc. I simple pinned them on with safety-pins, but I pictured cute buttons or adding bows, etc…the possibilities are unlimited. See below and be creative with your own ideas!


  • Pillow
  • Burlap
  • Letter or Symbol Stencils
  • Paint & Paint Brush
  • Safety Pins
  • Tape


  • Roll out burlap & cut to the dimensions you need for your words/pillows. You can lay the stencils out before cutting as well to make sure the words fit. I cut two pieces the exact same size to make the pillows uniform.



  •  Tape the words on so that they don’t move as you paint. You may have to use stencil letters twice (only one ‘p’ and one ‘l’ in the stack) which makes it a tad bit tricky but the tap helps it stay aligned and in a straight line.


  • You don’t need a ton of paint for these stencils. A little bit goes a long way on the burlap. I liked using a sponge paint brush because it was easy to use with the stencil. You can use a normal brush, or even use permanent marker if that is what you have at home.





  • Let the paint completely dry.
  • Then safety pin the little burlap pieces onto the pillows. This is where you could add buttons or rosettes or something fun. I had safety pins, so that is what I used:)


  • Tada! All done with the message pillows! Next up is the bow pillows!


Here is the AFTER picture outside on my patio:)


Two Pillows in one Post!:)

The Burlap Bow Pillow


  • Pillow
  • Burlap
  • String
  • Safety Pins



  • Loop one side of the burlap bow.


  • Loop the other side of the bow.


  • Squish the bow together in the center and tie with the string. (I just used some of the burlap string that had come off the ends of the cut burlap to make it blend in.)



  • Wrap the rest of the spool of burlap around the pillow.


  • I tucked the burlap under the bow and then tied another burlap string around it. If for some reason this is difficult or not working (this happened on the second pillow), you can saftey pin it where you need it to be.


  • And Walla! A cute little burlap bow pillow:)


Hope you enjoyed this little pillow post. Only a few weeks to go until I make some Christmas burlap pillows:)

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