Shawn and I just got back from a fantastic weekend in Nashville visiting my sister, Jenny, and brother-in-law, Blake.  We spent Halloween night listening to 12 huge country stars at the Battle of the Bones, then toured Franklin (where all of the stars live), went to Edgehill Cafe, and of course hit Broadway (or as they call it “Nash Vegas”).

As we were sadly packing this morning to come home, I snapped a picture of the chicken wire photo collage frame that Jenny has hanging in her living room and realized this would be a fun project to share with you all!  Last fall, Jenny and I made this picture frame for less than $25 and in less than an hour! If you need to fill a large space on your wall and want to do it inexpensively, this is a great way to showcase a picture collage and tie in any color theme you may have in your house.


Step 1: Find/Make a Frame

Jenny and I found an old, broken window at an antique shop in Castle Rock to use as our frame.  We used a screwdriver to pull out the remaining broken glass pieces from the wood and then sanded it down slightly to remove any excess. (Be very careful doing this step!) If you can’t find an old window or broken frame to fix up, you could always build one using 1″ x 3″ wood from a local home improvement store.

Step 2: Prep the Frame

We sanded the side of the frame slightly to remove any paint chips that were about to fall off.  We actually liked the rustic look of the wood coming through with the old white paint. However, if you want a more contemporary look, you could always sand the entire thing and then prime and paint it a different color.

Prep the frame

Step 3: Cut the Chicken Wire

Measure your frames length and width with a tape measure.  Take those measurements and add another inch (at a minimum) when cutting the chicken wire to ensure it will overlap enough to be able to staple to the frame. You will want to us use wire cutters so that the chicken wire is easier to cut.  You also might want to get another set of hands to hold the chicken wire while you cut, especially if the chicken wire came straight from a roll…but Jenny is doing a great job here while I’m snapping pics :)

Cut chicken wire

Step 4: Prep the Chicken Wire

In addition to buying a roll of chicken wire at our local craft store, we also bought a can of Rustoleum spray paint to paint the silver wire a more neutral color.

Spray paint

We used a couple of black plastic bags to protect our lawn, and spray painted the chicken wire laying flat on the plastic bags. Again, we decided to paint the wire a slightly neutral color so the silver didn’t stick out.

Spray paint chicken wire

Step 5: Staple the Wire to the Frame

Using a staple gun, staple the chicken wire to your frame. Make sure to pull the chicken wire tight so it is straight and flat when finished.

Staple chicken wire

Step 6 (Optional):  Jenny and I used a decorative wood sign and tied it onto the frame using a heavy nail and some craft straw to give it a decorative/colorful element.  We wanted the sign to be secure but also removable in case Jenny wants to change it during holidays or different seasons.

Attach sign

Last Step:  Using plastic or wood clothes pins, hang your favorite pictures to the chicken wire to showcase!


Side note:  You might need to screw picture hanging brackets on the back of your frame to attach it to the wall.

Hope you enjoyed this quick and inexpensive project!  If you attempt to make this project yourself, please send us pictures so we can share! :)

Thanks Jenny and Blake for a great trip!  We love you guys!


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