Sometimes going lamp shopping makes my head spin – as much as I love Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel, I realllly don’t like spending $200+ on a table lamp. And I especially do not want to pay that much for one that I need in our guest room that I’m probably going to get sick of anyway and want to change out eventually!  I also couldn’t find anything that would fit well in any of my other “go-to” stores, like TJ Maxx or Hobby Lobby.  Instead, I resorted to buying an old lamp at the Salvation Army (for $5.24!) that I decided to give some TLC and make my own!  I was looking for a bold-colored lamp and realized spray painting the lamp could give me whatever color I wanted for CHEAP!


I’ve outlined the 5 SUPER easy steps below on how to make your lamp your own!

Materials Needed:

  • Lamp
  • Painters Tape
  • 1 Can Primer Spray Paint
  • 1 can of Spray Paint in Desired Color

Step 1:  Find a lamp that will go well in your room.

Did I mention my lamp was only $5.24!?  You can’t even buy a replacement cord for that cheap! :)   Look for an inexpensive lamp in places like garage sales, thrift stores, the Salvation Army, etc.

Also, make sure the lamp is scaled appropriately in size to the room you will be using it in.  If you have a very large table,  you probably don’t want to use a teeny tiny lamp on it.  And vice versa – if you have a small table,  do not put an oversized lamp on it to where you wouldn’t be able to fit anything else on the table!  You want the lamp to be functional and asthetically appealing :)


Step 2:  Tape off the area of the lamp that you do not want to paint.

Using painters tape, I taped the bulb head and the electrical cord.  Everything else I wanted to paint.  This is the time in the process to also decide whether you want a design on your lamp.  If I had wanted some of the glass to show through (perhaps a chevron design), I would have used painters tape on the glass so that the primer and spray paint color would not go onto that area of the glass.


(SET-UP) Also make sure to set up the painting area in an outdoor area that is either covered by plastic or that you don’t mind getting paint on.  I used a garbage bag and some rocks to hold down my DIY tarp :)

Step 3:  Spray your lamp with the primer spray paint.

I used Krylon primer in white to give the lamp a base coat so that the spray paint would stick well.  This primer can be used on glass, metal, wood, etc.  If you don’t use a primer, the spray paint would most likely chip off the glass very easily.


Step 4:  Once the primer is dry, Spray the lamp in whatever color of spray paint you desire.

Like I mentioned, you could also get creative and make designs on your lamp using the painters tape.  Just make sure you know what your end goal is and do the levels of paint in that order.  I did two light coats of spraypaint to make sure everything was covered well and there were no spots with dripping.


Step 5:  Place the lamp in your space and enjoy!

Once the lamp is dry, move it into your new space and make sure you like it.  My lamp didn’t come with a lamp shade so I ended up having to buy one.  I found an inexpensive one at World Market that is textured white.



While this is no designer lamp, it definitely satisfies the requirements I needed for WAY less money!  Hope you enjoyed this quick and simple lamp upgrade!

Good luck if you attempt it yourself and please share pictures with us if so!

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