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When I was in Kindergarden, our Thanksgiving celebration involved making pilgrim and Indian hats, a turkey craft tracing our hands, and singing a turkey song or two… Ashlyne’s class actually had a Thanksgiving Feast with costumes, crafts and the whole shebang! When I volunteered I was asked to make Twice Baked Potato Boats with Sails celebrating the pilgrims voyage to America!

Ok, to be completely honest, when I was assigned this project I might have had a small anxiety attack… I have to make something hot and get it to school at least warm, which meant timing the morning just right with cooking and creating these adorable-yummy ‘boats’, getting kids dressed-fed-dropped-off, get myself ready and praying I didn’t forget an ingredient (because there would be no time to get it) or burn the little boats the hour before I needed to take it to class, etc. Here is where Superman stepped in and we split the morning craziness…my awesome husband, who is a great cook, went grocery shopping and actually made these beautiful Twice Baked Potatoes (that is why they are so yummy) while I worked on getting the kids ready and making the little sail part for the boat. The actual recipe for the Twice Baked Potatoes recipe can be found here: If I was making these for our family instead of a kindergarten party, I would have added extra cheese on top and bacon (yum).

Here are some pictures from our twice baked potato fun!

We cooked the potatoes for 1 hour. Did not wrap in foil to make the skin tougher (needed them to hold up as boats:)


We cut the potatoes in half and scraped off the inside of the potatoes, leaving one half of the potato for the ‘boat’.



We added all the ingredients (per the recipe) and mashed…Here is Superman mashing the potatoes:)


We then added the mashed filling back into the boats and cooked for about 15 minutes in the oven.


When they came out and cooled for a few minutes, I added the little sail to the top.


Part two was making the SAIL…

Simple and cute…Cut the paper into triangles about the same height as the toothpick.




Stick the toothpick through the bottom and then through the top to make a curvy sail.



Add cute sail to awesome Twice Baked Potato Boats and run to school for the Thanksgiving Feast before they are cold:)


The funniest part of this project was Ashlyne doesn’t even like mashed potatoes, so I hoped the other Kindergarten kiddos enjoyed these gourmet potato boats at their Thanksgiving Feast. They looked quiet delicious to me:)

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