finalWhen I was working full time, my bosses wife – Janette – made me one of the best gifts! It was a simple recipe book out of a plastic photo album. On the front cover she had scrapbooked a sweet ‘Recipe’ label, and inside the front cover it said this: IMG_8908

After trying those recipes over the years, I can verify that they are indeed fast, easy to make, healthy and delicious! Perfect for working women and men and moms like me; who while we are ‘stay-at-home’ moms we are never ever home! Besides being a great gift for people on the go, it is also a great gift that is friendly on your wallet! Honestly, each of these books is about $3 to make! Make’s you smile doesn’t it:)

I’ll walk you through how I made these three recipe books below and you will find the PDF with the recipes attached at the bottom. Hope you enjoy! Bon Appetit!

Bought this pack of three plastic photo albums at Walmart for $2.97 (yeah!). P1120539

Took out two of the pre-covers because I wanted to use some scrap book paper I had laying around to make the covers of the other two. P1120540

Cut the scrapbook paper using the insert as the pattern to trace.  P1120548

Added a simple Chalkboard sticker label (Hobby Lobby) and a Burlap sticker label (Walmart) to the front of the scrapbook paper. P1120542

Wrote ‘Recipes’ label with a Chalk Board Paint Pen (stays on better than Chalk) & a Sharpie Pen for the burlap labels. P1120550P1120546

Added little fork/spoon/knife embellishments (Hobby Lobby) to two of the books and ‘A Yummy Treat’ sticker to the other one (Walmart). P1120555


Click on the link below for a PDF of the recipes to download!

Marlowe-Lane Recipe Book PDF

Cut out the recipe squares and put into the recipe book! P1120574

And just like that you have a really great and thoughtful gift! Ashlyne’s teachers will each be getting one of these for Christmas! P1120564



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