Last night I went to my friend Brooke’s house for a girl’s night Holiday Pinterest Party.  For those of you who love crafts, or maybe even hate crafts but enjoy drinking wine with your friends, this is your kind of party!  In addition to the adorable invitation, Brooke also sent us a picture of a monogrammed wreath as guidelines for the craft.  While most people would be making wreaths,  the instructions were to bring whatever materials we needed and of course our glue guns!  I’m sure a lot of you have seen this gorgeous picture on Pinterest from Our Unexpected Journey blog. This is the picture that Brooke sent for us to use as inspiration.


Shawn and I have been out of town recently so I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for this party (plus all of the other errands I have been putting off!).  The largest “J” I found on my trip to Michaels wasn’t even 10″.  And because I didn’t have time to go to other stores in search of the perfect “J”,  I decided to change up my plans.  I wanted to do something along the lines of gluing berries to lettering, but the “J” I had was not large enough to stand alone as a wreath.  Instead, I grabbed a black “J” and “Y” and then decided to use a heart to create the word “Joy” on a wood pallet box (also found at Michaels).

MaterialsSo yes, I went a little rogue on the wreath idea but it turned out to be a great log holder! I painted the heart red so that it wouldn’t be super noticeable if the berries didn’t get glued on perfectly.  I used a hot glue gun to glue the berries onto the heart and then also to glue the lettering onto my box.

Here are some action shots of other people from the party! Some people came with berries, some with peppermints, wine corks, and even jute rope with cute flower embellishments.

Action Craft picAnd here are a few of the ‘After’ pictures! So many creative ideas!

Wreath collageAt the end of the night we took a group shot with some of our finished projects.

2014-12-07 08.10.34

If you are considering hosting a Pinterest party, I would highly suggest it! It was so much fun catching up with friends AND getting to do crafts at the same time :)  Another benefit is that if you need help with bows, etc. typically SOMEONE there will be able to assist so your project might even come out better than expected!  Thanks Brooke for hosting a great party!

After Pic

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