photo(1)The Marlowe Lane countdown to Christmas continues with a quick and easy DIY Christmas craft we call the (Free) Paint Stick Star.  A huge shout-out to Becky’s friend, Evelyn Kuhn, who made Becky a large brown paint stick star last year as a Christmas gift (pictured below).  We took her idea and made a smaller version this year so that I could have one too!  This is such a cool idea for an easy and inexpensive gift for others – not to mention decoration for your own house.

large starBecky and I set out to Home Depot to get 5 free paint sticks.  If you decide to make the smaller version, only 5 sticks are needed. If you do the larger version, make sure to grab 10 sticks!

free paint sticksPlace the sticks in the formation of star you want so that you can visualize how you will need to glue it together.

place sticks in formationWe used a permanent marker to mark the edges of the sticks so that we could see exactly how to glue them together just by lining up the edges to the line.

draw linesApply a small amount of glue to the end of one stick using a hot glue gun…

hot glue gun stickThen line up your two sticks and press together for about 20 seconds to make sure the glue sticks…

Use glue and press togetherKeep gluing and pressing together the sides until the star is fully assembled.

continue until star is togetherChoose your color of spray paint. We used an ivory Rustoleum spray paint because that is what I had in my craft cabinet! :)  We also used a piece of wrapping paper as our paint canvas to cover the ground so we could just throw it away.

spray paint starMake sure to keep the spray paint at a distance so the paint doesn’t go on heavy and drip. If you mess up, wait until it dries and sand it down before you restart.  That is the beauty of spray paint!

action shot spray paintTo finish the star, I hot glued a burlap ribbon with some tree trimmings to the front to give it some color.  I used my star as decoration at the hot chocolate bar during our Christmas party and then later on our buffet bar.

paint stick starThanks so much Evelyn for the great idea! This is such a fun, inexpensive gift or homemade decoration – not to mention SUPER easy! Good luck if you attempt it! And as always, we’d love to see your projects if you do!

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