Too cold to take the kids outside to play? Just look around the house and make your own fun! Today I had an empty egg crate after breakfast, so we made these egg crate caterpillars…

Ash & Jax Egg Crate Caterpillars

Kids Craft

Nothing fancy at all, but lots of fun and some good memories:) Be inspired by what you already have in your home – you’ll be surprised what you can come up with:)

More Marlowe Lane Snow Day Fun!

Marshmallow Construction

Take marshmallows and toothpicks and let the fun begin! See how high and how wide your kiddos can build with these two items!

Tissue Paper Creations!

Just use tissue paper or construction paper and see what fun creations the kids can come up with! I think Ashlyne’s turned out looking like Dory from Finding Nemo:)

 Christmas Light Fort

String Christmas Lights under a table, cover with a blanket and you have a beautiful little Christmas light fort the kids will LOVE to play in!

Tape Race Track Fun

Seriously, all you need is some tape and the kids imaginations can make up the rest! We taped race tracks up the slides, over furniture, attached it to toys…the possibilities are endless and the fun lasts a long time! If you don’t want to tape up the room, you can tape a piece of paper or cardboard too and it is an instant new toy.

Egg Crate Counting & Matching

Another empty egg crate game. Write a number on the egg and write a number in the crate…match and make games all day. You can click here for more ideas.

Letter Matching Fun

Use foam letters or alphabet magnets and a piece of paper with the alphabet or numbers and have some fun matching and learning.

Popcorn Butterfly

You can read the whole article here, but these were simple and fun to make!

Build Something With A Box

You don’t have to make it as super elaborate as we did for Jackson’s BDay Party…just duct tape some boxes together and use your imagination!

Paint A Picture

On a snow day you probably won’t have a giant canvas laying around, but just paint a picture on construction paper or a paper plate.. maybe even make some finger paint… all of these are good for sensory building and for using ones imagination! Have fun! (You can even paint a picture too!)


Make Future DIY-ers

Haha…don’t laugh, but when Mom is stuck indoors she often wants to ‘paint a wall’ or ‘move some furniture around’, etc…guess what, kids like to help with that stuff too! Whatever you are doing, let your kids be a part (as long as it is safe). Let them learn as your guide them and teach them. It can be fun for both of you when you are stuck inside on a snow day!

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