DIY Wall Art 2

This is a story of a worn and tattered wood fence and how it became meaningful and beautiful…

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So part 2 begins with an old wood fence sitting in my garage, begging me to use its old, worn out and tattered slats to make something beautiful and meaningful out of it.  At first, it was going to be a Christmas Sign/Christmas Blog Post…I mean, hello! that is all the DIY-rage these days…well, Christmas came, went and was crazy….so that didn’t happen. January came around the corner, and after we had taken down all the Christmas decor, I leaned my old little wood fence above the fireplace (I knew that was were it belonged) and started to dream about what it could become.

Draft #1: I started asking, what do I want this family room to say, to make us feel…thankful I thought! In all things, in all seasons, be thankful! God has shown me that over and over in life…maybe that is something calming to the soul to see hung up in your family room as a reminder that no matter what kind of day you are having, there is always something to be thankful for? I just used a paper stencil cut out I had and taped it up on the wood to see if I liked it before I painted it. I kind-of liked it for a few days but it wasn’t really what I wanted.


Draft #2: My mother-in-law reminded me she had a Cricut Explore Machine that cuts out letters in any font you want using paper/vinyl/whatever…. so I brainstormed a bit and decided to try the word relax…this word is simple but reminds you to breath. After a long day all I want someone to say to me is, ‘Come in here, sit down, relax, put up your feet and watch some old reruns of Friends’. I decided at the last minute to try her machine out when I picked Ashlyne up one day and we cut out the letters for relax. This was my first time using the machine and I didn’t measure, have the wood with me, know what font I wanted, etc…it was just an experiment. I got home and slapped it up on the wood with tape. RELAX it screamed!!! haha. It looked cool at first, but if you are sitting in the room with it over the fireplace, it really does scream ‘RELAX’!! Kim said, ‘It’s kind of like a text message where you write in all caps and are screaming at someone on accident’. Just as a joke, I will send that to my sisters or hubby whenever they are having a long day ‘Don’t forget to RELAX!’ Haha.


Draft #3: Well I am not RELAX-ing like I thought I would with this giant RELAX sign screaming at me, and Grandma Pat was leaving on vacation the next day, so I didn’t have time to cut out a ton of words and letters to try at my leisure, but I asked Pat if she could just cut out an O and a V and I would make it into a LOVE sign. My thought was that Valentines day would be here in less than a month, so LOVE at least made sense temporarily:) This was cute. I was going to decorate it all valentines with a burlap banner, hearts, etc…but then after a week and a half with LOVE up there I got bored. I KNOW, I have a problem! I did the Strengths Finder 2.0 test and it said that getting bored is one of my strengths, ok, not in those words but in another way;)


Draft #4: So my sweet friend Jenn and I were brainstorming one day looking at the LOVE above my fireplace and we decided it could be cool to white wash/paint it and buy a meaningful decal to put over it (decals come off easy when you want to change them out – see a theme here;). So I set out to buy something that might work for the size of the wood and for something that would be meaningful to me. I decided on ‘Bless this Home with Love & Laughter’. It might sound cliche to some of you, but as simple as it is, that is what I want in my house – Love & Laughter!

So, I painted the wood with a few light coats of white paint and let it dry.


When it was done I added the decal.


Now here is the issue I ran into: the wood was so worn and riveted that a decal really could not/would not stick in all places. See here…


I was going to spray it with adhesive to make it stick, but before I did, I put it above the fireplace to see what it looked like and the silver words on the wood looked wavy when the light hit it (see below) and even then, the silver words almost disappeared. Sniffle-sniffle…all you could read was ‘with love and laughter’ from a distance….NOT what I was hoping for:(


Draft #5: So I set off to Michaels, hoping inspiration would strike somehow….I went back and forth, back and forth and finally settled on a simple pack of stencils and a sharpie. The day before, I had pinned this saying on Pinterest, ‘If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies’ and the saying kept coming back to me. We were in the midst of a lot of change in our lives (while I like to change out decor a bunch, I am not always a fan of big life changes) and yet, out of this big life change we had seen such beauty and peace emerge…the saying spoke to my soul. I wanted it to speak peace to others when they were in my house. In such a chaotic and crazy world that is changing every day in ways we don’t understand…this is a simple and beautiful reminder to all of us that change is necessary…change will somehow bring about beauty if you allow it to. Romans 8:28…God works all things for good. Sometimes we get to see the beauty of change, and sometimes we never do, but I am going to believe that God somehow works it all for good in the end – whatever that may mean. So, I simply stenciled the words on the wood – off centered (on accident), made a little paper butterfly and slapped up some decor items to make it look balanced (haha) and it was finished…



The final…

small one

A Poetic Conclusion: I think I love the symbolism of the wood fence the most in this story (hang with me on a symbolic tangent:)…Here was this worn, tattered and old wood fence, whose job as a fence, what it thought it was created for – was no more… and yet the old fence had no idea what beautiful adventure was next… Only because it was plucked from the ground, declared old and un-useful, would it now have the opportunity to shine and inspire… to be a beautiful reminder to all who enter our home or who read this online, that even though you are broken, though life changes, though you don’t know your purpose or use, do not give up…it is in those moments of change that sometimes we are pushed to become who we are actually meant to be…that if we weather the storm, if we keep pushing forward, trust God with it all, in time we will be something even more beautiful than we were before.

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