Month: March 2015

DIY Book Page Wreath

Simply Sweet – Book Page Wreath Tutorial

My sister and I need a shirt that says ‘DIY Is My Therapy’! When life gets a little too crazy, creating something, painting something, sanding, hammering, designing, whatever it may be, can bring about a beautiful calm. Yesterday was one of those days, and here is the outcome of my own personal therapy session:) A Book-Page Wreath! […] Read more…

Aloe Vera Paints

150 Screen-Free Kids Activities ~ Aloe Vera Paints!

My friend Jenn gave me this awesome book a few weeks ago – 150 Screen-Free Kids Activities. It has all kinds of play dough, slime, and paint recipes that are non-toxic (even allergy-free ingredient recipes), as well as fun projects and activities you can make with your kids. The day we did this project, we had about […] Read more…

Design Decor Book Collage

Design Books Worth Reading

I have a confession. I love interior design books. And by love, I mean I’m obsessed. Sometimes I can’t bring myself to read some of the classic novels chosen by friends in my book club (imagine multiple attempts that led to an immediate deep slumber as I tried to dive into the first chapter of […] Read more…