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My friend Jenn gave me this awesome book a few weeks ago – 150 Screen-Free Kids Activities.

It has all kinds of play dough, slime, and paint recipes that are non-toxic (even allergy-free ingredient recipes), as well as fun projects and activities you can make with your kids. The day we did this project, we had about 13+ inches of snowfall and school called a snow day, so I decided to bust open the book and find something fun to do before I can recite every ‘Wild Kratts’ TV episode by memory:)

This was they activity of the day!

Aloe Vera Paints

You simply put up a tablespoon or more of Aloe Vera gel in a muffin tin cup and add a few drops of food coloring and that is it! The paint project smelled like summer!!! (So over the snow right now, can you tell?) And the best part was all you needed was a little water to clean-up. No scrubbing required! So easy!



And their little pictures came out so cute!

Ashlyne’s Anna & Elsa


Ashlyne’s picture is completely dry but you will notice how the aloe vera paint strokes just soaked into the canvas and added this awesome texture! In person, it looks like a water color painting that is completely flat to the touch but still has the look of texture!

Jackson’s Lion King


Can you tell who is who?:)

Next up we are going to try the Banana Play Dough recipe! 

If you need a fun book to have at your fingertips that uses mostly products you might have at home, this one is a keeper:)


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