My sister and I need a shirt that says ‘DIY Is My Therapy’! When life gets a little too crazy, creating something, painting something, sanding, hammering, designing, whatever it may be, can bring about a beautiful calm. Yesterday was one of those days, and here is the outcome of my own personal therapy session:)

Book Page Wreath

A Book-Page Wreath!

I used an old fiction book, titled ‘Don’t Look Now’ that my mom gave me for college graduation…she never read it and I never read it, it was just sentimental. She equated the book title with my graduation from college into the real world. She wrote me a sweet note on the inside cover, just like she does in every book she gives me. My mom is such a poetic gift-person! Growing up, she would write us notes of encouragement and everything in the gift tied-in with the theme…for example, old school pencils decked out in moons, moon & star stickers, more moon & star stuff galore (you get the picture) with a note that said ‘Shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you will land among the stars! Go get em’ today! Love, Mom’. I love her:) And she did all her gifts like that way before Pinterest!

So let’s get started!

There are a number of ways to make a book page wreath. I did some research and then combined about three different techniques to make mine and added my own personal touches to the finished product.

Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Old Book
Paper Plate
Small cardboard square
(Optional Embellishments – Earring with no match?)

Step 1: 

Tear Pages Out of Book


Step 2:
Roll pages into cone shapes and hot glue a small line at the top of the cone to hold in place.


Glue The Cone


Step 3:
Cut a circle in the paper plate.


Step 4:
Glue cones in a circle around the paper plate as shown below.



Step 5:
For the second row, you want the cones to be smaller. I folded the bottom of the cone over a fork so that I could uniformly make the cones smaller. (You could use a ruler or whatever you have laying around. You also don’t have to make it uniform, it could be random. The choice is up to you!)



I put a dot of glue on the top of the folded part (see below) and slid the flap under the paper plate.

Glue Under the Flap

I did this around the whole paper plate. The back looks like this.


Finally, I glued down the little flaps in the back to secure them into place.


Here is the wreath at this point.


Step 6:

Turn the wreath over and glue another row of cones on the back. This time, put a thin line of glue all the way down the cone.  Make sure it glues to the paper plate and to one of the cones in front or next to it. This step hides the paper plate and makes it flat to the wall.


When you are done, it should look like this.


Step 7:
Next, cut a square or rectangle piece of cardboard that will fit over the hole in the wreath.  Punch two holes in it. Tie a ribbon/twine/wire or whatever you have through the holes and glue it onto the wreath. You will have to flip the wreath over to press it fully onto the cardboard and secure it on. Make sure your piece of cardboard is big enough to hide the ribbon you will hang it on.


Step 8:

For the center embellishment, I took two color pages of the book, one of them with the sweet note my mom wrote me, and folded each one accordion style and then folded the page in half.  I glued the center of the accordion to hold it together.  Do the same for the other page.


Now, both pages should look like half moons. From there glue both of the sides together and it will complete the circle. For the embellishment, I found an earring that I recently lost the match of and glued that onto the center of the little accordion circle. (You can still see the note my mom wrote me)


Then I glued the embellishment to the card board backing to finish the wreath! DIY Therapy at it’s finest:)

Marlowe Lane Book Wreath Tutorial


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