Best Dad Hands Down Picture

Man, I think I hit the jackpot when I married my hubby, Erik. He is so kind, funny, smart, handsome, an amazing husband and incredible Dad… seriously, the list goes on! For Father’s Day, we like to spoil him in a million different ways in an effort to show him just how amazing we think he is and how much we appreciate him. I hope he knows that every day, and not just once a year, but it is fun to make it an extra special day just for him!

This little DIY Best Dad Hands Down frame was the kids’ gift to him. He LOVED it and hung it proudly in his office at work:) There isn’t much to post in terms of pictures, because it is a pretty straight forward and simple DIY craft, but you can buy the foam letters at any craft store and the clear glass frame is from Hobby Lobby. The kids loved making it for him and Erik loved it too.

For Mother’s Day this year, Erik even got in the DIY spirit and had the kiddos make me two bouquets of flowers with what they love about me on it. So incredibly sweet!!! XOXO. Like I said…Best Dad ever!


My Mother’s Day Bouquets:)

Thank you Erik for being…well, Superman! We love you!


Best Dad Hands Down Final

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