Last fall we had a HUGE hail storm here in Denver – and by huge I mean we had to get a new roof, new gutters, all 4 sides of the house repainted, 6 new windows, AND a new sliding glass door! Even though we liked the green color on the outside of the house, Shawn and I decided to take a risk and picked a new roof color and paint color for the project. We wanted to refresh the outside of the house which hadn’t been painted in 14 years (this was before we knew we were moving!) I mean when else can you get a full exterior house makeover without spending your own money?! Thanks insurance!

So yes, awesome to get new colors, but holy cow – talk about nerve racking! Picking new paint and a new roof color is such a big investment. If we didn’t like it once it was complete, we would have had to live with it because there was no way we would pay out of our pocket to change it!

So, naturally, the first place I went to look for ideas was Pinterest :) I was originally thinking we would do a grey color on the outside. Pinterest had some cool ideas…

I love the orange door on this house…

And I love how warm these colors feel…

What I realized though was I couldn’t visualize any of these color examples because my house didn’t have shutters and similar details that I could accent with a third color. So then I also drove around our neigborhood. Ultimately I ended up finding a house color I liked on the other side of our community (not in the same neighborhood per se, but within 5 minutes).  So we literally knocked on the door and asked what color they had used! It was called Abalone (the blue-ish gray) and then I used Benjamin Moore White Dove for the trim because I wanted to use pure white to make the trim pop!  If you find inspiration online but it just isn’t clicking in your head, just drive around to get some inspiration too! :)

If you do end up trying different paint colors on your own, make sure to get samples and test them in different places to see how the sun hits the color.  You want to make sure you like the color before you paint the whole house! :)

We also picked a black roof to replace the brown-speckled one we had before. We didn’t notice any difference in the roof as far as heating  and cooling.  The contractor put vents underneath the roof itself so that it could circulate air. So one last time, here is the before picture:

And here is the house after installing the black roof and painting the new colors:

Overall I’m happy with how the house turned out! (The funny part is that it literally was finished being painted the morning that our renters were moving in! :/ We have had an unusually rainy summer so it was delayed.) Sure hope the renters enjoy it as much as we would have!

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