For those of you that know me, you probably know my kitchen has been remodeled for a few months and I’m just NOW getting to posting about it! This is basically how the last few months have felt regarding blogging…

Sort of a joke, sort of not :)  As we were in the middle of the kitchen remodel, an opportunity to buy a house popped up, and Shawn and I jumped on it.  Needless to say, the last two months have been a whirlwind as we picked up and downsized to a much smaller place in the city.  It’s been a great experience and we don’t regret it but wow – what an adventure!

So…here we go! Now that things are slowing down, I’m able to share the Before & After kitchen remodel with you all, FINALLY! :)

This remodel happened much like a lot of my other remodels – where Shawn left me for the weekend so I decided to tackle a project!  And by “a project”,  I mean the BIGGEST project I have yet to attempt thus far!  Shawn went to Florida with his dad to play golf and have a “guys weekend” for 5 days in March. Golf, race horses, and the beach for 5 days!? Yes please! I should have gone with them! But instead I worked on painting the kitchen for 12 hours a day…Guess we were both having our perfect weekends! :) But on a serious note, I figured with Shawn gone for 5 full days, I could get pretty far on the progress so that we could actually have a functioning kitchen when he got home.

So of course, it all started with paint samples…

I wasn’t a huge fan of the green paint and oak cabinets that were in the kitchen originally.  I wanted the kitchen to feel a little more modern and airy so I decided to paint the cabinets Benjamin Moore White Dove and used Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray for the walls.

I couldn’t have done this project without the help of my sister, my mom, and my good friends Amy & Jenny (pictured below)! My sister left her kiddos at home with their dad and came to spend the night with me to help me prime the base of the cabinets and remove hardware from the doors. She literally saved me from jumping off a cliff that night – it took us half the time doing it together! (6 hrs to do ONE coat of paint only meant 3 hrs doing it together!)  Amy and my mom both helped prime cabinet doors which was so helpful because my back was KILLING me bending over to paint 40+ doors and drawers! And Jenny stopped by with some food one night to sit on the patio and relax while taking a break from painting! I hadn’t eaten all day so Jenny was a LIFESAVER! :)

Here is a picture of the doors and drawers….overwhelming, right?!? As I removed them, I made sure to label them with a number using a piece of green painters tape.  I also drew a diagram of the kitchen and had numbered the doors on my piece of paper so that I would know where they belonged once they had been painted.

Our great friends, Michelle and Adam, were in Durango celebrating their anniversary for the week so I was watching their new family member Diesel.  Here is a picture of the two goobers (Diesel on bottom, Jordie on top).  They were my buds the entire weekend and never left my side.

Here is a “progress” picture – or rather a CHAOS picture!  Mass chaos!  I pulled the oven and fridge out in order to paint the cabinets and walls behind them.

I bought 2 x 4’s and cinder blocks at Home Depot to put in the garage in order to paint the doors.

By laying the doors on the 2 x 4’s,  it kept them off the ground and clean while also making it easier to paint the sides.

My friends and family had been asking to see a picture of progress so by day 3 I was able to make this collage “Before” & “Progress”….

By the end of the weekend, the kitchen itself was complete – minus the doors and drawers.  It takes SO much time to do doors because you have to wait for them to dry in order to flip them and do a coat on the back.  So 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint on both sides is 8 COATS OF PAINTING!!!! Yikes!!!

But eventually (~ 3 weeks later), we finished all of the doors and drawers!  I replaced the drawer hardware knobs with some farmhouse-like pulls that I got at Home Depot.

Kitchen - After White and Grey 2


Kitchen - After White and Grey 3


Kitchen - After White and Grey

And then…we decided to move…!!!! I sure hope the renter’s enjoy our beautiful new white kitchen as much as we would have! :)  Luckily the new house already has a remodeled kitchen so I won’t be painting any more cabinets!!!

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