Happy Sunday!  It’s Kim here…life’s been busy trying to get settled in the new house and get it decorated so that I can finally share with you some of the details (which is coming soon!)  But until then, I wanted to share a fun and easy tip on furniture spacing.  My secret is Painter’s Tape!

Furniture spacing - living roomIn our previous house, we really wanted to fit a sectional in the main living room since it was goig to be our TV watching/football party/hang-out kind of area (plus Shawn is 6’2 and can’t fit on a tiny couch so this way we both fit!)  But the area was very small and I wasn’t sure the furniture would fit.  Just by measuring I knew the couch, entertainment center, and two accent chairs would TECHNICALLY fit but I just wasn’t sure that I would LIKE the spacing…so I decided to TAPE off the furniture to visualize what it would really look like being in the room.

Furniture placement and spacing can make or break the flow of the room.  We had to route the TV cord to the larger wall so that we could put an entertainment center in the room.  The main wall was so large that I wanted something significant in size to take up wall space and also make the room feel balanced.  An entertainment center is also a great source of storage for our movies, books, and photo albums.

Here is a picture of Shawn being silly as we were furniture shopping (he was a great sport).  Since this was our first house I really wanted him to like the furniture we got too and wanted him to be involved.  Note to all of you though – now that we are on our second house, Shawn has basically said “this is your thing, go nuts!” so that he doesn’t have to come shopping.  It’s a win-win really because he let’s me be creative and also trusts me enough to make the room cozy!

furniture modelOnce we had picked out the items we thought would fit in our house, we ran by Target to grab some tape so that we could make sure the furniture would fit together in the room.  We taped off the exact measurements so we could visualize the spacing.

Furniture spacing using painter's tape

Once we realized it would fit, we went back to the furniture store and executed the purchases!  We got the chairs in first…(and yes, that ugly oak banister is now gone and is white! See the full project here)

In progress

Then Shawn and Adam helped screw the entertainment center together….they are such good helpers!

Entertainment center in progress

While this room doesn’t look even close to done, here is a progress pic…and of course, Jordan was making himself at home too :)  A key element to help you make a room feel complete is to add an area rug, throw blankets, and throw pillows.  The soft touches make the room feel cozy and ready to be used.  (If you need inspiration, you can always check out Pottery Barn magazines for how they style living rooms!)

Furniture is in

We unpacked our books, movies, and photo albums and added some home decor items.  I am constantly updating our side tables but here is a snapshot of what it looked like at one point.  We added curtains which really made the room feel complete and I also eventually got a bigger rug for the room.

Living room view from above - furniture spacing

Here is a shot of the white banister…

White banister; accent chairs and side table

Another side table shot with different pillows and decorations…I have a serious throw pillow addiction :)  I also picked up this antique ladder on a business trip to Breckenridge.  I love collecting unique items that have stories behind them rather than just trying to finish a room asap with big-box store bought items.  Sometimes it takes a while for a room to really feel complete!

Furniture spacing; blanket ladder and side table

The painter’s tape really did help me visualize what the furniture would look like and ensure I would like the spacing in the room. Now that I’m going down memory lane from the old house, I need to log off so I can go work on the new house!  House tour coming soon! :)

Living room furniture spacing

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