DIY Rustic Headboard

We are excited to have our good friend Amber as our guest blogger today at Marlowe Lane! She and her husband, Jason, love to design and DIY projects at home in Colorado Springs. We love their style and hope you find yourself DIY inspired!

Amber & Jason

In order to understand where I draw my design for furniture design, you must first understand our background. Jason (my husband) grew up in the deep south near Pensacola, Florida. His style is all things southern. I on the other hand, grew up in a small town in Idaho where the nearest furniture store was an hour or so away. Over the years, I’ve learned how to stretch my dollar to create affordable pieces, without having to sacrifice quality or design. When we got married, I quickly learned how to merge his love for southern, and my love of rustic affordable pieces. More often than not, I envision a project, and Jason makes my design dreams a reality. I’m so thankful for him… and for power tools, which make our projects so much more manageable!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the past year…

We were cruising down my old hometown neighborhood this past summer, when I yelled, “Stop honey, I see a yard sale!!” Jason has grown accustom to my eagerness to find the best deals at yard sales. I had my eye out for two matching end tables, and boy did I get a bargain that day! If memory serves me right, I paid $10 for the two. After hours of sanding, I was able to get down to the original wood. I first spray painted the bottom half of the tables using American Accents satin spray paint in heirloom white. Once dried I did a rough sanding on the edges to create that “worn” look. The next step was to stain the top. For some reason, I’ve gotten in the habit of creating my own custom colors of stain. I mix a few varieties until I get the color I imagine for each of my pieces. For the end tables I mixed Minwax special walnut 224, and red mahogany 225. It took about two coats of my mixture, but it was well worth the time. 

Refinished Yard Sale End Table20151116_080914_HDR

My prized possession piece without a doubt, is the king size headboard. Have y’all ever looked at how EXPENSIVE headboards are?? It’s outrageous, and I could never allow myself to pay $500 or more dollars for one! Our master bedroom (in my opinion) is the perfect combination of rustic meets relaxation. I loved the idea of having the headboard be the centerpiece of the bedroom, but I didn’t want it to scream country. We spent about $100 all together on materials, and about 4 hours of our afternoon. After Jason did his measuring magic, he cut all the pieces, and together we used our nail gun to enforce all the pine together. The headboard measures 6’ tall, by 7’4’’ wide. We decided it would be easier to have the headboard be in two separate pieces for easier transportation up and down the stairs. Since we got a cheaper type of wood, the wood soaked the stain up fast. It took awhile for me to get the stain mixture correct, but I ultimately ended up using Minwax special walnut 224 and provincial 211. I finished the headboard up by attaching some barn door hardware, and hanging a simple wreath in the middle.

DIY Rustic HeadboardDIY Rustic Headboard

Lastly, is the 8-foot long desk for my home office. Just like my sticker shock of headboard prices, I was equally as shocked for how much large desks are going for these days! I didn’t have the desire for a tall, bulky desk, but rather a long desk for extra workspace. I also knew I needed lots and lots of storage. We spent about $50 for the desktop, and about $80 for the two bottom cubes that the desk stop sits on. The desktop is 5 boards of oak (super heavy when nailed together). The bottom cubes I can’t claim as my own creation. This is where my practicality comes in… After comparing prices, it was cheaper for us to purchase the cubes at Wal-Mart, rather than make them ourselves. I also didn’t want to live another minute without a desk, I knew it would take Jason half a day or so to design and build our own cubes. I finished the desk with some practical, yet adorable storage crates, a tall lamp, and sheer curtains that compliment my practical and rustic home office.

DIY Custom Wood DeskDIY Wood Desk

***Thanks so much for sharing Amber! We LOVE your design ideas and Jason’s craftsmanship. You make a great team!

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