To say that I love the holidays is an understatement! :)  I have secretly been listening to Christmas music for the entire month of November anxiously waiting for the earliest socially-acceptable time that I could decorate our house for Christmas! This year we moved into a small house in the city and unfortunately realized that the gorgeous tree we bought last year would DEFINITELY not fit in our tiny city house (click here to see last years holiday tour!).  And because we will only be living in this house for another six months, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a different tree.  Real Christmas trees are GORGEOUS but they dry out so quickly in Colorado that you really can’t decorate too early or else you will have the entire tree on your living room floor by the time Christmas rolls around (and I already mentioned my goal was to decorate at the earliest time possible, right?!)

Christmas Skirt Take 2Luckily for me, Becky found a cute, little $15 tree at Goodwill near her house!  The tree itself isn’t the most beautiful tree I’ve ever seen – it was pretty bare in spots and short at that! When my mom brought the tree to my house I started laughing because the tree stood at a whopping 5’4 tall – exactly my height!

Here are the ‘before’ pictures of our cute little tree-to-be….

image1(1)After I spread the tree limbs out as best I could, I placed a box under the tree to give it some artificial height!

Christmas with Lights Take 2I then added fake tree filler inserts and mini white lights to make the tree appear full and hide some of the bare spots. It took six strands of lights (or 600 mini white lights) to cover the entire tree. I wrapped the lights around each one of the branches individually.

Christmas Filler Take 2I then added a roll of ribbon around the tree and placed my large, over-sized ornaments on the tree to give it some structure.  The over-sized red stars are actually a Dollar Store find too!  This really is a Christmas tree on a budget! :)

Christmas Tree Detail Take 2The topper I used this year was originally meant to be wall art that I found at 50% off at Michael’s (for a total of $5!).  And it was light-weight so I figured it wouldn’t tip over our tree!  I then used a sprig of fake branches and stuck them in pieces behind the wood star.

Christmas Tree Topper Take 2Here is a picture of our little $15 Goodwill Christmas tree at the end!

Christmas Tree Take 2We never miss out on adding our personal ornaments too.  That is the best part of the tree in my opinion! Hanging the personal ornaments helps us remember the memories from years past! This one was given to us by Shawn’s sister, Lori, for our first Christmas as a married couple. Go Longhorns! (and Baylor Bears of course!) :)

Longhorns Ornament PicAnd now, two and a half years later, we are expecting Baby J!  We can’t wait for this time next year to have our new little guy be apart of the holiday fun!

Christmas Pic Frame Take 2Wishing all of you a very special holiday season and hope it is spent with those that you love.  Merry Christmas!

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