Are you looking for a homemade gift to give friends and family this year without breaking the bank?!  Lola, a good friend of mine, and I set out on our first attempt at making homemade candles.  It turned out to be a fun project and didn’t take more than a few hours total. Plus we had lots of delicious smelling, cute Christmas candles to give away afterwards!

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Here is a step-by-step process of how we made the candles!

Candles Completed

Step 1:  Prepare the Jars

I bought all of my supplies at Michael’s — mason jars, candle wax, wicks, wick bases, and essential oils.  The mason jars were 50% off so were only $1 a jar!  We ended up using three different sizes because Lola had some smaller jars on hand too.

Supplies 1

We prepared the jars before melting the wax so that the jars would be ready when the wax was hot.

To prepare the jars:  Cut a strip of wick long enough to go about 3 inches above the jar lid so that you can keep it upright and straight whenever you pour the wax in.  Tape the silver wick base and wick to the bottom of the jar using scotch tape to keep it centered in the jar.  Do not glue the wick base to the bottom because it will not stay glued when you pour the hot wax in the jar. Using chop sticks (or anything else of similar size), put the wick between the two sticks to keep it centered and stand upright.

Step 2:  Melt the Wax and add a scent and decorative accent to the wax (optional!) 

Melt the Wax

We used a double boiler to melt the wax. Once the wax was ready, we poured in the essential oils and accents we wanted.  I used vanilla as my essential oil and also added some of Lola’s lavender.  The lavender floated on the top and made the candle look like something from a spa! The vanilla smells delicious and is a favorite of most so might be a good go-to scent to use for gift candles.  As far as decorative accents go, you could also use leaves or acorns if you wanted to make fall candles or could do red berries and sticks for a winter look.  Get creative!

Step 3:  Pour Wax into Jar keeping wick straight

Put the candles together

You might have to re-arrange the wick to make sure it is centered once you pour the wax in. The wax will look translucent at first but will become solid in color once it begins drying.

Essential Oils and Lavender

Step 4:  Let the Candles Set Completely before moving

Let the candles completely set before you move them or decorate the jars.  It took about 45 min or so for our candles to set.  The smaller jars set quicker than the larger ones.

Different Size Jars

Do not put the candles in cold temperatures to speed the drying time because it can make the candle wax crack and dry in an odd form.

Step 5:  Decorate the Jars with fabric, paint, or anything else that is festive! 


I bought a yard of fabric in two different plaid patterns and cut small squares to decorate the top of the jars and make it seem more festive. We used jute rope to tie the fabric in place and put a personalized tag on each one.

Candles Completed 1

This turned out to be a very easy DIY homemade Christmas gift to give friends and family.  Make sure to make a few extra candles so that you can keep a couple on hand too!

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