Book Page Wreath on WoodYou may remember an earlier post of a book-page wreath I made a while back on Marlowe Lane. You can find the post here! While it was beautiful, it was a little labor intensive and large. I have since created a really simple, yet elegent book-page wreath based on an idea I found at Christina’s Adventures. It takes half the time to make and is really lovely! I made my own versions (see below) using the basis of her instructions. I hope you find this DIY project to be a simple, affordable and fun way to make a beautiful statement piece!

The first wreath I made was for a ‘Lace & Vintage’ themed auction benefiting Restore Innocence. (If you haven’t heard of this amazing organization, I would encourage you to click here and check out the incredible work they do!)

Screenshot 2015-08-25 09.57.44

The second wreath I made is currently hanging in Kim’s living room! :) Love you sis!

Cozy Livingroom
Kim’s House

  • One Book (Goodwill, Dollar Store, Garage Sale or your Bookshelf)
  • One Wood Block (I found this round one at Home Depot for $5)
  • One Small Piece of Cardboard
  • Stapler
  • Glue Gun
  • Drill (to make the nail hole in the back of the wood)


  1. Gently tear pages out of book.
  2. Cut pages in half (doesn’t have to be perfect).
  3. Roll and staple the pages (see below). IMG_1700
  4. Begin hot gluing the pages to a small piece of cardboard. I glued a top, bottom and two side pieces just to make sure the wreath was balanced to start. IMG_1706
  5. Hot glue a layer of stapled pages circularly onto the cardboard. IMG_1709IMG_1710
  6. Hot glue another section of stapled papers on-top of the first layer. You want to put a drop of hot glue on the underside of the points and press down in the middle as you glue to make sure each one sets and dries correctly. IMG_1712
  7. Slightly cut some of the pages for the second to last layer (so that they do not stick out too far in the wreath) and then glue.IMG_1715
  8. Cut another group even shorter and glue those into the center to fill in the space. IMG_1716
  9. Stain the wood you will be mounting your wreath on. I bought this circular wood block at Home Depot for $5 and used Minwax’s PolyShades in Espresso. Follow the staining instructions on the container. Stain in a well ventilated area, and be sure to always wear a mask and gloves.  I used an old t-shirt to apply the stain. I did two coats to get the deeper espresso color. The picture below is the color after one coat.  ***Tip: If you get any stain on your skin, apply olive oil or vegetable oil to the skin and rub it in. After you have rubbed the stain out of your skin, wash with warm soap and water.IMG_1400
  10. IMG_1702Drill a hole into the back of the wood. Make sure to NOT drill all the way through the wood!
  11. Allow the stained wood to dry for a day or two. When it is done, mount the wreath to the wood. I used Gorilla Glue because I did not want it to fall off… ever:)

Book Page Wreath with WoodIf you have made a book-page wreath, we would love to see what you have created and share it with our readers! Feel free to email it to Thanks for stopping by!

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