This beautiful China Cabinet was passed down from my husband’s Grandma. While it was beautiful and unique, the color didn’t match any other furniture we owned. When we moved for the first time, we didn’t think there would be space for it, so we decided to try and sell it. It would not sell on Craigslist or Facebook…no interest what-so-ever! We decided to try and squeeze it in at our next house. To get it to blend in with our home decor, I decided a chalk-paint make-over over was necessary. After the makeover, we really enjoyed it in our home for a number of years. Then the time came to move again and there was absolutely no space for the china cabinet in our new home. I decided to try and sell it once again on one of our local Facebook pages. I listed it for $150 over what I had listed it for before the makeover, and in a matter of minutes there were over 25 women in line to buy it! It was crazy! And just like that – sold! Chalk paint is really affordable and easy to work with. If you are willing to put in a little elbow grease, it can make an old piece of furniture look brand new and pay you back well over the cost of the make-over when you go to sell it!

Before…Before China Cabinet-2

  1. Wipe down and clean the furniture before starting. If there is excess grease, the chalk paint will lift. We used gentle Clorox Wipes to wipe down the furniture and then let it air dry.
  2. Protect the floor with a tarp to catch the paint drips – Tape off any areas of the furniture you don’t want to paint – Remove the hardware. *Unfortunately we couldn’t remove the hardware, so we made do – but ideally you should take them off.IMG_0835
  3. We (my kiddos love to be a part) wanted to distress the cabinet so we brushed on Annie Sloan Graphite on the detail and around the edges of the piece. In this phase, you think you are absolutely ruining your piece of furniture – but keep going!IMG_0840 IMG_0845 IMG_0848
  4. Using Annie Sloan Old White, we painted the whole piece in one coat. IMG_0879
  5. We painted the hardware using Annie Sloan Graphite. We were not able to take the hardware off; but if we could have, I would have spray paint them instead so that the texture would be smoother. It was a little more difficult to paint the hardware without removing them, but we made it work with what we could do and in the end it looked great.IMG_0877
  6. When the chalk paint had dried, I took fine grit sandpaper and gently sanded the detail and edges to distress it. This allowed the darker undertone we had painted earlier to come through.IMG_0872
  7. After distressing it, I used Annie Sloan Clear Wax and went over the whole piece to seal in the finish.
  8. We put it all back together and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. What was a beautiful (but dated) piece of furniture came back to life in a matter of hours!  China Cabinet After

If you are wanting to update your furniture, or perhaps sell furniture for a profit, I would give chalk-painting a try. No sanding is required, the process is pretty simple and the outcome is rewarding!

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