Throwing a baby shower is the best kind of party to host – it is a celebration of a beautiful little life about to start, and a welcoming of the mom-to-be into the ever-crazy world of parenthood. And when your best friend of twelve years is the most deserving mom-to-be, not to mention most beautiful pregnant woman EVER, it is even more satisfying.

My cousin and other best friend, Jenny, is a food GENIUS and offered to co-host the party. She planned the food and drinks to perfection, and also supplied the beautiful chalkboard signs for the decor.  I was in charge of the invites, decorations and activities/games.  It really was such a perfect split of duties and was so much more fun and relaxing being able to split the responsibilities! (I already told Jenny that I will be hiring her to cater all future parties from here on out!)

Marlowe Lane Baby Shower Greeting Sign

We used an Airplane theme for the party because that is the theme of Baby Marcum’s nursery. Unfortunately, I was not able to find very many affordable plane decorations so we decided to incorporate the plane theme into all of the chalkboard as well.

Marlowe Lane - Baby Shower Gift Drop off

Because of a lack of space in my house, we used the landing on the stairs to hold all of the gifts.  This actually ended up being a really convenient placement of the gifts to keep them out of the way and was also the first thing off to the side of the door when guests walked in.

Marlowe Lane Baby Shower Gift drop off sign

Jenny planned a wonderful menu for the guests. The main menu included pressed Italian sandwiches, creamy tortellini soup, Caesar salad with homemade croutons, and an Italian meats and cheese tray with arugula pesto mascarpone spread, pita squares, and olives.

Marlowe Lane Food Table Picture

Heavenly, right?! In addition to it looking fantastic, it all tasted SO wonderful too. And how cute are the parchment paper wrapped sandwiches tied with jute string?! Jenny is such a mastermind.

Marlowe Lane Baby Shower Food Table

The sandwiches were made on ciabatta bread with mozzarella, provolone, basil pesto, prosciutto, and salami.  Jenny made them the night before and put them wrapped in the fridge with heavy books stacked on top to flatten the sandwiches.  She cut and wrapped each of them individually the next day. (Talk about patience!!)


Here is a picture of the colorful and creative charcuterie board…these brilliant colors photograph so well!

Marlowe Lane Baby Shower Food

I found this cute little vintage metal airplane at Hobby Lobby. It was the centerpiece of the food table because it was one of the only airplane themed decorations I could find! To give it some height, I propped it up on a wood flower vase that I already owned, and turned it upside down to use it as a platform.

Marlowe Lane - Food Table Baby Shower Plane

Marlowe Lane Food Table Baby Shower Ideas

I love these white place card stones that my aunt gave to my cousin as a gift (below.)  They are erasable using a dry erase pen so are reusable for parties to either identify the items on the food table, or to use as name place card settings too.

I went to our local grocery store and purchased inexpensive individual flower bundles for $5-7 each and put together these quick and easy bouquets for the table. This method is way less expensive than buying pre-made bouquets and it gives you more flexibility in deciding how  many bouquets you need throughout the party stations. It also gives you more flexibility with the height – I used the taller flowers on the food table and kept the smaller hydrangeas as an accent for the activity stations. I bought three different flower types, all in white, and then added in some inexpensive baby’s breath to fill in.


And for the GRAND FINALE, Jenny provided homemade lemon and key lime pie tarts as dessert! They were the highlight of the party (and even the men devoured them once they came home after the party was over!)

Marlowe Lane Tarts Baby Shower

And because one picture does not do them justice…


Is your mouth watering yet?!

On to the drink options…

Marlowe Lane Drink Station IdeasWe offered spiked raspberry lemonade, mimosas, non-alcoholic sangria, and water to the guests. We added in a small plate of fresh fruit so the guests could add them into their individual drinks if desired.

Marlowe Lane Baby Shower Decor

For the activities, we kept it very simple. We had three stations that guests could help themselves to on their own time throughout the party….

We did a “Thank You” station where we provided pre-stamped envelopes and each guest addressed their own envelope to themselves. This will hopefully save the mama-to-be a lot of time in looking up and writing each address on her thank you cards. Jenny created the paper sign with instructions and then wrote on the box where we collected the envelopes.

Marlowe Lane Thank You Card Station

Due to limited size of my kitchen, we combined two stations next to each other for the “Advice Cards” and “Activities to do with Kids” suggestion popsicle sticks.

Marlowe Lane Baby Shower station

When Michelle and Jenny hosted my shower two years ago, they also did the Advice Cards and I have really enjoyed being able to read them from time to time and reminisce (or to remind myself that this too shall pass!) :)

Marlowe Lane Advice Baby Shower

And sometimes becoming a new mom can be intimidating in a sense that you don’t actually know what kind of activities to do with your new little one. (For the first little while, maybe it is just getting out of the house to go to Starbucks while they nap, but when they get to be a toddler, you are in a new phase and have to find new activities to keep them busy!) Hopefully they will be able to reference the sticks for ideas in the future.  I found the cute “Little Explorer” sign at Hobby Lobby as well as the “Love at First Sight” frame.  I wanted to use decorations that they would be able to re-use in their nursery but still look cute for the party too. We framed one of their ultrasound pictures in the frame for the time being but I’m sure it will be replaced with a baby picture in no time at all! :)

Marlowe Lane Kid Activity Ideas Baby Shower

For the backdrop in the living room where she opened her gifts, we used white craft rope and blue plastic clothes pins to hang up cute little onesies in the same color scheme as the rest of the party. The two larger onesies are actually ‘7 for Mankind’ brand that I got for a STEAL at TJ Maxx and the personalized onesie in the middle was ordered from Etsy. (It actually has a Dallas Cowboys emblem in the front but we decided to keep it tame for the shower!)  :). Their last name is Marcum and the dad-to-be’s favorite number is 12, so we thought that would be a nice personalized touch as a backdrop for pictures.

Marlowe Lane Onesie Decoration Baby Shower

We purchased these “Baby M” paper letters at Michaels and also included a special wood airplane that the dad-to-be bought on his latest business trip to Brazil.  This airplane is one that they will be incorporating into the nursery as well.

Marlowe Lane Baby Shower Personalization

As a small going away favor, we wrapped these pre-made cake pops for the guests to take on their way out.  We used clear plastic treat bags, tied it off with some fun ribbon, and wrote “About to Pop” on each one.

Marlowe Lane Cake Pop Baby Shower

A big thanks to Jenny for helping throw the party, to Michelle’s wonderful mom for all of her support and help, and to the beautiful mom-to-be for creating a reason for us to celebrate!!! We are SO excited to welcome Baby Marcum into this world in just a few weeks!! :)

Marlowe Lane Baby Shower Girls Picture

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