Recently I quit my day job as a financial analyst for a large corporation and decided to pursue my true passion of helping others decorate their houses, in addition to residential real estate to help friends buy and sell their dream homes.  And so far, it is the best decision I have ever made (aside from marrying my handsome husband and having our sweet little baby, of course!)  I am only two weeks in, but man, my energy level is so much higher and I am so much happier.  The beautiful thing is that I have been fortunate to have some of my friends from my prior company hire me to help them with their houses to help kickstart me into this new career!


One of my friends in particular, hired me to help her decorate her master bedroom (and we have big plans to touch most of the rooms in her house, one room at a time!)  This was such a fun project to work on together.  My client is basically superwoman – her husband is deployed for a year, she has a three year old son and two twin one year old daughters at home, AND works full time.  [Insert my scary/confused/”How does she do it all?!?!” look!]  Because of her lack of time right now (to do anything but survive that is!), I provided her full service interior decorating by designing, shopping, and coming into her home and installing everything.  During the process, I would text her pictures to make sure she liked the direction I was going, and we agreed on her budget along the way based on items we liked.

Here is a before picture for comparison…


My client already had great bedroom furniture and we didn’t update the curtains either.  We added wall art on all of the walls in the room, new bedding, new lamps, and new decor on the side tables.  (We even mounted her TV for her on one of the walls! Can you believe it?! That will be an entirely separate blog post!) :)


I found the distressed antique wood frame that we hung above the bed at a really cool antique store, called the Barn, in Castle Rock, CO. And then we ordered a Magnolia Wreath (from Magnolia Market) that we mounted on top of the frame for a layered look. I LOVE these wreaths – the color is soft and perfect for any room.  We originally had plans to spray paint and re-purpose her existing lamps, but I found these lamps at TJ Maxx and couldn’t pass them up! (I wanted to keep them for my own room if she didn’t end up wanting them, but she did!)

The entire room was done on a budget. I shopped at Ikea, Target, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Marshalls, and the Barn/Emporium antique shop.  I love the large grey frames that we found at TJ Maxx to hang next to the sliding barn door (and they were only $12.99 each!)  We printed some beautiful 8 x 10 black and white pictures of her family to frame in them.


We also created a cute shelf vignette on the entry wall next to the door.  We framed another adorable black and white picture of she and her husband from back when she was pregnant. And we also framed a picture in the smaller frame that she had taken a few years ago when she and her husband hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim!


We did have one dilemma during the install though…the dimensions of the Ikea king size duvet ended up being too small for my client’s bed. (Has anyone else noticed that “king” size comforters and duvets all have VERY different dimensions!? There is not one standard size…WHY?!?! So frustrating!) My client had purchased a new down comforter and the Ikea duvet was 8″ too short on each side for the comforter! [Insert panic attack]  Luckily we were able to order the exact same color from Bed, Bath and Beyond and get a normal size duvet mailed to her. For these ‘After’ pictures though, we used the Ikea duvet to stage it and then returned it, so we weren’t able to wash and iron out the wrinkles in the duvet. But hey, it all came together in the end! :)


And as soon as we were done, my client hired me to help her tackle her living room and entry way! Eek! :) We are working on that project now and will be doing the install at the end of this week! Getting SO excited to see it all come together!

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