When our client asked us to help her design her master bedroom (see full design here), one of the walls that needed to be updated was her large wall directly across from her bed where she already owned a very nice espresso dresser and TV.  We were trying to complete the makeover on a budget for this large wall so we knew we wanted to repurpose whatever decor items she already owned, while trying to buy minimal items to freshen the space.

Here is the before picture…

My client and I mounted the TV ourselves [insert gasp!/cheering!/”We can do anything!” emotions!] It actually was not that difficult to mount the TV because we did not mess with wiring the cords through the dry wall. To hide the cords, we used a plastic cord cover from Home Depot ($13) and painted it the same color as the wall so that it blended in.

Here is the after…

We repurposed my client’s white vase and grouped the candlesticks together, but added new florals and candles. We also displayed a beautiful painting of the Grand Canyon that her sister-in-law made for her, which complemented the merlot accent color throughout the rest of the room.

To give the wall some height and interest, we hung a cute sign that we ordered on Etsy which says “and so together, they built a life they loved.” And then we hung a rustic bronze arrow above it that we purchased at a fun antique store called the Barn, in Castle Rock, CO.

These are just a few easy and simple ideas to update a TV wall while making the design look clean and organized.  Hope you enjoyed and can use some of these ideas to freshen your own space! :)

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