Snow Day Fun

Snow Day Fun: Be Creative With What You Have!

Too cold to take the kids outside to play? Just look around the house and make your own fun! Today I had an empty egg crate after breakfast, so we made these egg crate caterpillars… Ash & Jax Egg Crate Caterpillars Nothing fancy at all, but lots of fun and some good memories:) Be inspired […] Read more…


Give Warmth, Give Hope & Teach Love

Growing up my mom created a tradition that I have never forgotten. Every winter, she would load us three girls in the car to go coat shopping…not for us, but for others. It was always FREEZING outside on the day we would go; I don’t know if part of her tactics were to help us […] Read more…


Awesome Gift for Under $5 – Recipe Book Ideas & pdf of Recipes!

When I was working full time, my bosses wife – Janette – made me one of the best gifts! It was a simple recipe book out of a plastic photo album. On the front cover she had scrapbooked a sweet ‘Recipe’ label, and inside the front cover it said this:  After trying those recipes over the […] Read more…

Make an Old Lamp New!

How to Revamp a Lamp for $12 or less!

Sometimes going lamp shopping makes my head spin – as much as I love Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel, I realllly don’t like spending $200+ on a table lamp. And I especially do not want to pay that much for one that I need in our guest room that I’m probably going to get […] Read more…

DIY Rustic Photo Collage

How to Build a Rustic Picture Frame Collage for less than $25

Shawn and I just got back from a fantastic weekend in Nashville visiting my sister, Jenny, and brother-in-law, Blake.  We spent Halloween night listening to 12 huge country stars at the Battle of the Bones, then toured Franklin (where all of the stars live), went to Edgehill Cafe, and of course hit Broadway (or as […] Read more…

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