Best Dad Hands Down Final

Father’s Day Gift ~ ‘Best Dad Hands Down’ Handprint Frame

Man, I think I hit the jackpot when I married my hubby, Erik. He is so kind, funny, smart, handsome, an amazing husband and incredible Dad… seriously, the list goes on! For Father’s Day, we like to spoil him in a million different ways in an effort to show him just how amazing we think he […] Read more…

Paint Stick Star

(Free) Paint Stick Star Christmas Decoration

The Marlowe Lane countdown to Christmas continues with a quick and easy DIY Christmas craft we call the (Free) Paint Stick Star.  A huge shout-out to Becky’s friend, Evelyn Kuhn, who made Becky a large brown paint stick star last year as a Christmas gift (pictured below).  We took her idea and made a smaller […] Read more…


Holiday Pinterest Party

Last night I went to my friend Brooke’s house for a girl’s night Holiday Pinterest Party.  For those of you who love crafts, or maybe even hate crafts but enjoy drinking wine with your friends, this is your kind of party!  In addition to the adorable invitation, Brooke also sent us a picture of a […] Read more…


Give Warmth, Give Hope & Teach Love

Growing up my mom created a tradition that I have never forgotten. Every winter, she would load us three girls in the car to go coat shopping…not for us, but for others. It was always FREEZING outside on the day we would go; I don’t know if part of her tactics were to help us […] Read more…


Awesome Gift for Under $5 – Recipe Book Ideas & pdf of Recipes!

When I was working full time, my bosses wife – Janette – made me one of the best gifts! It was a simple recipe book out of a plastic photo album. On the front cover she had scrapbooked a sweet ‘Recipe’ label, and inside the front cover it said this:  After trying those recipes over the […] Read more…

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