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DIY Book Page Wreath

Simply Sweet – Book Page Wreath Tutorial

My sister and I need a shirt that says ‘DIY Is My Therapy’! When life gets a little too crazy, creating something, painting something, sanding, hammering, designing, whatever it may be, can bring about a beautiful calm. Yesterday was one of those days, and here is the outcome of my own personal therapy session:) A Book-Page Wreath! […] Read more…

DIY Meaningful Wall Art II

Meaningful Wall Art Part 2: The Old Wood Fence

This is a story of a worn and tattered wood fence and how it became meaningful and beautiful… If you missed Part 1: Create Your Own Meaningful Wall Art click the link to check out the philosophy and beauty behind making your own meaningful wall art…  So part 2 begins with an old wood fence sitting in my garage, begging me […] Read more…

DIY Meaningful Wall Art 1

Create Your Own Meaningful Wall Art: Part 1

Sometimes we need a change…normally, change involves some type of risk. I will be the first to admit, I hate risk. I hate not knowing what the outcome will be. But, it is in the not knowing and forging ahead that we learn to trust and we grow in ways we never thought possible. Now, […] Read more…


How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets White

Ready to Paint Your Kitchen White? I can’t even tell you what a HUGE difference this made in taking our kitchen from drab to fab! It was an airy happy kitchen but had dark, sad cabinets… that probably sounds funny ‘What are sad cabinets?’… They were dark, hadn’t been taken care of and were in […] Read more…

Sod Your Yard

How to Sod Your Yard

I Pinned and Googled and YouTubed the heck out of the topic ‘How to Lay Sod’ and for some reason it seemed SOOOO easy that I convinced my husband it would only take two full days to lay 3,900 sq. feet of sod.  And when I say ‘lay sod’, that involves a number of steps that […] Read more…

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