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How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets White

Ready to Paint Your Kitchen White? I can’t even tell you what a HUGE difference this made in taking our kitchen from drab to fab! It was an airy happy kitchen but had dark, sad cabinets… that probably sounds funny ‘What are sad cabinets?’… They were dark, hadn’t been taken care of and were in […] Read more…

Sod Your Yard

How to Sod Your Yard

I Pinned and Googled and YouTubed the heck out of the topic ‘How to Lay Sod’ and for some reason it seemed SOOOO easy that I convinced my husband it would only take two full days to lay 3,900 sq. feet of sod.  And when I say ‘lay sod’, that involves a number of steps that […] Read more…

DIY Kitchen

How to Pick A Backsplash

There are a million and one different backsplashes in this world to choose from–just take a walk down Home Depot’s aisle and you will most likely be overwhelmed by the options. I am not going to tell you what kind of backsplash you should choose because that is totally your own preference, but I will […] Read more…

Paint Your Walls Grey

Paint Your Walls Grey

     So painting your walls is actually fun! It is instant gratification, which, admit it, we all like! You paint and you see results! In one day you can actually take a blank canvas and make it incredible! I know so many people stress about the idea of painting their own walls but trust […] Read more…


Before + After: White, Black and Grey Kitchen Makeover!

Perhaps you are like me and have a gazillion DIY Kitchen Pins on Pinterest, dreaming of one day updating your own kitchen. You see all of these Pins and wonder… ‘Is this something I can really do?’ I am happy to report that it totally is! This bright kitchen was a former model home 26 years […] Read more…

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