Party Chex Mix Recipe

Ann’s (Adapted) Chex Mix Recipe

This recipe is Ann’s adaption of the original chex mix recipe.  Feel free to add more nuts or items to the mix but this is the standard recipe that we use!  And trust me – this recipe makes the chex mix crunchy and warm with butter and garlic.  You can’t go wrong :)  One of […] Read more…

Twice Baked Potato Boats

Twice Baked Potato Boats ~ A Kindergarten Thanksgiving

When I was in Kindergarden, our Thanksgiving celebration involved making pilgrim and Indian hats, a turkey craft tracing our hands, and singing a turkey song or two… Ashlyne’s class actually had a Thanksgiving Feast with costumes, crafts and the whole shebang! When I volunteered I was asked to make Twice Baked Potato Boats with Sails celebrating the pilgrims voyage […] Read more…