Room Makeovers

How to Paint a Banister

How to Update a Banister – for Less than $50!

From the day Shawn and I moved in (about a year and a half ago), I’ve been talking about updating our banister.  After getting a quote from a local company to replace the banister with something more modern (like square posts) for $4,000+, I decided a coat of white paint and primer for $50 would do […] Read more…

Pallet / Plank Wall

Pallets or Planks, oh my! How to Build a Wall in 1 day

Pallet walls have become the new trend lately, but many people (myself included!) can be intimated by the mechanics behind actually DIYing this project. The good news for all of us is that this project is actually very doable – especially when you have the step-by-step instructions for a path to success! Our best friends, […] Read more…

final after

Jack & Jill Guest Bath (upstairs Kim’s house)

I told Shawn that its dangerous to go on business travel and leave me alone for two weeks… Recently, he went on a two week business trip to Florida and came home to a newly renovated guest bath upstairs! I had been working very long weeks as well and needed some “craft time” to stimulate […] Read more…

DIY Modern Office

Office Make-over : A little bit of paint goes a long way!

When we first moved into our house, the only purpose our office served was storing our ad hoc “we can’t deal with this right now” kind of junk as well as all of our wedding decorations.  (Imagine wine barrels, glass vases, chalkboard frames, etc. EVERYWHERE!)  Once the wedding was over, I sold all of my […] Read more…

2014-01-12 13.22.53

Nautical-themed Guest Bath

When Shawn and I moved into our house, the basement bathroom was the first project we decided to tackle.   We figured that if we completely screwed it up, our family and friends would be the only ones that would have to see it! The bathroom was completely DIY’d by the owners before us (let’s just […] Read more…

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