Welcome to the Marlowe Lane 2017 Holiday Home Tour! We are so excited that you are here and hope we can provide some Christmas inspiration ideas for you (or hope that you can simply sit back and enjoy looking through some of the pictures!)


Hello! Kim, here…let me take you on a tour of my house!

I always get so excited this time of year to decorate the house.  I light my “Winter” candle so that the house smells delightful and then, with a coffee in hand and Christmas music playing in the background, I pull out all of the decorating boxes to get the party started!


This year, we started the decorating party by putting up a small tree in the playroom so that Colton (my 1.5 yr old) could decorate his first tree. A couple of years ago when we were living in a small house near the university, we bought a small thrifted $15 Christmas tree that I have held onto and this year it worked perfectly for the playroom. It is only 4′ tall so is a good size for my little guy and doesn’t take up too much room. Plus, he had so much fun helping me put up ornaments on his tree! (P.S. They make shatter proof ornaments now so you don’t have to worry about kiddos playing with them and dragging them all over the house!)


Once C man was asleep, I got to work on the bigger tree that we put in our living room.  I had ordered black buffalo check ribbon online so that I could do a different theme this year, but when my package came, I realized that I accidentally ordered BROWN ribbon instead of black.  Because I had no patience and was excited to get our decorating completed, I decided to use the same ribbon that I’ve used for the last couple of years. (My friends and family might be receiving wreaths as gifts later this year with the brown buffalo check ribbon since I have no idea what else I will use it for?!!) The Christmas tree skirt that we use under the big tree every year is an heirloom that I inherited when my Grandma (“Memama”) passed away years ago. My mom actually sewed this as a gift for her mom and now I always get reminded of Memama when we pull it out each year.


I purchased two new black buffalo check pillows this year that I think I might keep around the house even after the holidays are over.  For any Denver locals, I bought the pillows at the cutest little shop in Parker, CO, called Interior Delights. You should definitely check it out if you are in the area! (The owner is a stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur and has such great style! I love her entire store!)


I also got this plaid table runner at Interior Delights. The candelabra is from Hobby Lobby. It is actually three separate pieces that I bought and put together to make it look like one cohesive piece.  I used real tree clippings from a local nursery for the table and am loving how natural and easy they are to decorate with. (You can cut the branches to the exact size you want versus trying to bend and use an entire strand of faux garland pieces.) Plus, tree clippings are inexpensive (if not free!) depending on where you find them.


I am also a huge fan of buying garland at Home Goods because they have a great selection of quality faux garland at affordable prices.


The large red stars (shown below) are from the Dollar Store. I like to use a few large statement ornaments and then accent with smaller bulbs and homemade ornaments as well.


And this is my little helper the following morning…He thought it would be a good idea to fix some of the ornament placing :) I purchased some additional shatter-proof ornaments for this tree this year and put them at the bottom of the tree for this exact reason! Now I don’t have to worry about him hurting himself with any of the ornaments.


Our stockings are an assortment from Home Goods and Target.  The nativity scene and glitter trees are also from Home Goods. I used some of the real tree clippings around the mantel to add greenery and make it cozy.


And one last shot of the living room at night…it is so much fun watching Christmas movies with the tree glistening in the background.

If you are interested in seeing a full tutorial on one method of adding ribbon to the tree, here is a link.

I hope you enjoyed some of our Christmas ideas and have a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!