This is one of the easiest punch recipes but still tastes delicious!  Feel free to try the sugar free versions or organic versions of these juices to cut down on the sugar.  Also vodka is optional :)


  1. 1 gallon of Cranberry Juice
  2. Half galloon of Limeade (any flavor – strawberry limeade is my favorite)
  3. Half liter of Sprite (optional)
  4. Vodka (optional)
  5. Ice


Mix in large bowl or beverage dispenser; add ice.

If you are making this for a party, you could also label it with a theme in mind (i.e. add some extra cranberry juice to make it more red colored and name it “Vampire Blood” for a Halloween party;  leave it as is for “Pretty in Pink” for a girl baby shower, etc.!)

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