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Our Reveal – Freshening up the Exterior of Our House with New Colors!

Last fall we had a HUGE hail storm here in Denver – and by huge I mean we had to get a new roof, new gutters, all 4 sides of the house repainted, 6 new windows, AND a new sliding glass door! Even though we liked the green color on the outside of the house, […] Read more…

Sod Your Yard

How to Sod Your Yard

I Pinned and Googled and YouTubed the heck out of the topic ‘How to Lay Sod’ and for some reason it seemed SOOOO easy that I convinced my husband it would only take two full days to lay 3,900 sq. feet of sod.  And when I say ‘lay sod’, that involves a number of steps that […] Read more…