finished day 3

The Finished Product! How to Tile a Bathroom (Part III)

And here it is folks!  You’ve stuck with us for three days now and we are finally wrapping up the project!  I don’t know about you but I’m back at work today and wishing I could be doing home improvement projects instead! If only :) But trust us when we say the end result is […] Read more…

Zach cutting main tiles

How to Tile A Bathroom (Part II)

We are back to show Day 2 results of Lori and Zach’s bathroom!  If you missed the first post on how to prep the bathroom on Day 1 by removing linoleum, molding, and toilet, check it out here. Day 2: Laying Tile Using Mortar and Spacers Now that our bathroom is prepped, we are ready […] Read more…

Fit unique tile in place to make sure it fits

Out with the Linoleum! How to Tile a Bathroom (Part 1)

Hello and Happy New Year!  Becky and I took a holiday break from the blog to enjoy family and relax, but we are so excited to be back in the action! I don’t know about you but typically we spend our holidays eating too much, watching too many movies, and playing in the snow! But for […] Read more…